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Don’t let budget worries prevent your STOP THE BLEED® training!

The STOP THE BLEED® campaign has a big goal – to train 200 Million people across the nation in the years ahead. This can only be accomplished with the support of all of the people and organizations qualified to train people properly.

In order to do that, the proper training equipment needs to be utilized – equipment that can be challenging for some organizations to afford. The STOP THE BLEED® Training Kit Grant program is designed to supply STOP THE BLEED® Training Kits suitable to be used to teach the hands on, American College of Surgeons, STOP THE BLEED® course. Grantees will receive one STOP THE BLEED® Training Kit, delivered to their location, free of charge, a $1,000 value.

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Thank you for all the grant applications. See a compiled view of the winning groups at this link:

Training Kit Grant Recipients

The following components are included in the STOP THE BLEED® Training Kit

  • STOP THE BLEED® Instructional booklets (10)
  • Blue training C-A-T™ tourniquets (5)
  • QuikClot® Combat Gauze Moulage Trainers (8)
  • Z-Medica Trauma Trainer legs (2) – for dry use only
  • Protective gloves (12 pairs)

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