Stop the Bleed is about awareness and action. Anyone can help out.

  • Spread the word! Become a Stop the Bleed Ambassador and help educate your community about the importance of implementing a Stop the Bleed program. Use the Stop the Bleed toolkit.
  • Get trained – take a class so you can be prepared to save someone’s life. Do even more by becoming a qualified Stop the Bleed trainer and help others to be ready.
  • Get kits – purchase kits for your home or your organization. Training kits and accessories available too.
  • Share your Stop the Bleed story! – send it to stories@nationalstopthebleedday.org and we’ll share it.

Resources for you

STB Promotion Toolkit

Spread the word faster by starting with our Toolkit. It contains background information on Stop the Bleed and has the following content for you to use right away in your community.

  • Origin of Stop the Bleed
  • Statistics about the STB campaign
  • Messaging to generate interest
  • Sample emails
  • Sample press releases

Click to view or download
the toolkit PDF

More Images to Share with your Community!